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BA~05 - Customer Care and Service

Duration: ± 6 days | Course Code: BA~05 | Cost From: R 650.00 (US$ 55) per person

Anybody operating and working in the service industry must treat customers with respect and providing the best possible service.

This is widespread and far-reaching, because basically everyone working in a business has a customer of one form and another, and need to treat them accordingly as well as looking after their customers to ensure their loyalty, return and support.

Learners also need to be able to deal with customer complaints and incidents involving customers and any difficult customers.

Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize it or not. Maybe you're on the front lines of a company, serving the people who buy your products. Perhaps you're an accountant, serving the employees by producing their pay slips and keeping the company running. Or maybe you're a company owner, serving your staff and your customers.Possibly you are working for a Tourism Operator, and working with and guiding tourists around your area.

This course covers 2 Unit Standards: (US 246740 – Caring for Customers; NQF Level 4; 3 Credits) (US 7789 – Provide Customer Service; NQF Level 4; 8 Credits)


Upon completion of this course you will know those factors that are important in customer service and to develop a customer-friendly approach. You will know what customer service means to a business. You will be aware of what to do and not to do when dealing with customers, and the benefits of providing a good customer service.

Target Audience

Every person in business, whether managerial or below, who deals with other personnel within the company/organization or external to the organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • State what customer service means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external
  • Recognize how your attitude affects customer service
  • Identify your customers' needs
  • Use outstanding customer service to generate return business
  • Build good will through in-person customer service
  • Provide outstanding customer service over the phone
  • Connect with customers through online tools
  • Deal with difficult customers

Scope & Requirements

Learners must be fluent in English - reading, writing and speaking. Access to internet is essential and their own e-mail address.


R 650 per person
$55 per person for international students
Group discounts available on request
The above costs exclude the cost of Final Assessment (add an additional R 150 per person)


All Material is subject to Copyright. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to those who complete the course.

Duration: ± 6 days
Course Code: BA~05

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