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BA ~16 - 02: Combating Cyber crime

Duration: 4 hrs | Course Code: BA ~16 | Cost From: R 250 per person/ US$15 per person


Cyber Crime is estimated to cost businesses and individuals around $ 600 billion over past years, and at present is considered to cost between $3 to $4 billion per annum.

And, it is on the increase!

     As technology advances, and more and more information is put on the Internet and Social Media, so does crime associated with it increase.

The Internet is a huge part of our daily lives, and we take it for granted, listening to music on it, reading books on it, and watching TV on it, and of course, using it to communicate and save and share data. 

We also shop, organise our lives, and complete important daily tasks like paying bills and managing our bank accounts.

So, the internet is really important to most of us. And so it has become increasingly attractive to Cyber Criminals, who want access to your financial, personal and social data. All of this, if harvested is worth a lot of money from fraud, identity theft to on-selling the data to others.

CyberCrime includes anything illegal that takes place on the internet through a computer or similar device. It’s most commonly tied to hacking, but it can also be used in financial fraud or bullying.

Criminals are becoming increasingly adept at Social Engineering - the art of getting others to change their habits, follow attractive routes and generally do things they would not normally do.

This Course will give an insight into what is happening out there, and some guidelines on how to protect yourself!


On completion of the course the incumbent will have a greater knowledge and understanding as to the Cyber Threats he or she may be exposed to on a continual basis, and how to minimise or avoid being the victim.

On successful completion of the Course, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each.

Target Audience

All individuals and employees of small, medium and large companies, and anyone using computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones or any other devices linked to the internet

Learning Outcomes

An understanding of the problems associated with Cyber Crime, what the consequences could be of being the victim of a Cyber Attack.

The course stresses individual vigilance as the best counter-measure, but the person thus needs to know what to look out for - this is provided during the course.

We are creating understanding and awareness, not specialist IT personnel.

Scope & Requirements

Each learner needs their own internet email address, and access to an online computer, laptop or tablet.


The course costs R 250 per person, or the US equivalent ± $15

Group discounts are available for 10, 30 and 50 or more groups, enrolling at the same time.

Duration: 4 hrs
Course Code: BA ~16

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