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LS~10 - Introduction to Banking

Duration: ± 2hrs | Course Code: LS~10 | Cost From: R 350 ($20) per person

Banks! - we cannot really live without them, and they are a large component of everyday life.

BankPeople earn money to meet their day to day expenses on food, clothing, education of children, and so on. They also need money to meet future expenses on marriage, higher education of children, housing, building, travel and social functions. These are heavy expenses, which can be met if some money is saved out of the present income.

In the old days, and still with some people today, savings were stashed away in hiding places and were available for use whenever needed, but this involved the risk of loss by theft, robbery and other accidents. Thus, people were in need of a place where money could be saved safely and would be available when required.

Banks are such places where people can deposit their savings with the assurance that they will be able to with draw money from the deposits whenever required.

A Bank is a lawful organization which accepts deposits that can be withdrawn on demand. It also lends money to individuals and businesses that need it, provided they can satisfy the criteria imposed by the banks to minimize their risk of lending.


To provide learners with an overview of Banks, how they were established, what they do and the services they provide. Definitions of banking terms are supplied.
This Awareness Course is intended to give a basic grounding for further courses.

Target Audience

Any person in the job market or even unemployed, including school leavers, employees. Not intended for Bank Employees

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Module, learners should have a knowledge and understanding of:

  • What is a Bank?
  • Functions of banks
  • Banking Regulations and laws
  • Definitions of some common Banking Terms

Scope & Requirements

The Learners must be able to read, write and speak English, have access to a computer and to the Internet to attend the course and do further research.


R 350 per person
$ 20 per person for international students
Group discounts available on request


All Material is subject to Copyright. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to those who complete the course.

Duration: ± 2hrs
Course Code: LS~10

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