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LS~15 - Manage Personal Finance

Duration: ± 4hrs | Course Code: LS~15 | Cost From: R 250 ($15) per person

One of the most serious problems facing people today is the continually looming prospect of getting into Financial Debt.

As economies of countries continue to fluctuate, inflation increases and access to money for most of the populations is an ongoing challenge, the temptation to borrow is enormous. In addition, large corporate retailers are continually offering access to purchase goods and services on Account or Hire Purchase, which sound very well to the consumer, but many do not know what they are getting themselves in to.

Piggy BrokePart of the problem can be alleviated by understanding how to Manage Finances on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so each person can understand where they are in terms of their available cash and expenditure to meet basic needs, and the pitfalls out there tempting them into sometimes serious financial difficulties.

You cannot spend what you do not have - this is a simple rule to follow. However, one needs to know exactly what you have before you can really decide whether to afford something or not. This course is the first of several that starts to assist people to understand that only by Managing their Finances, can they really know what they can or cannot afford.

This course should be taken with Banking Courses.                                                                                                     (Partly aligned to US 243189)



The objectives of this module is to lay the groundwork for more detailed training in Personal Finance.
It provides an introduction to what is necessary to Manage when it comes to money and debt avoidance.

Target Audience

Anyone who is in a position to control the income and expenditure of a family unit, or as individuals, whether employed or not.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this Module, learners should have a basic knowledge and understanding of some basic financial management principles and are able to:

  • Understand personal finance
  • Plan and prepare a personal budget


Scope & Requirements

The Learners must be able to read, write and speak English, have access to a computer and to the Internet to attend the course and do further research. Access to and ability to use spreadsheets is advantageous.


R 250 per person
$ 15 per person for international students
Group discounts available on request


All Material is subject to Copyright. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to those who complete the course.

Duration: ± 4hrs
Course Code: LS~15

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