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OHS~08 - Working at Heights

Duration: ± 3 hours | Course Code: OHS~08 | Cost From: R 450.00 (US$ 30) per person

Most countries of the world have safety regulations covering their workers, and Working at Height is one of the most dangerous hazards with subsequent high accident rates. Regulations usually state that no employer shall require or permit any person to work in an elevated position, and no person shall work in an elevated position, unless such work is performed safely from a ladder or scaffolding, or from a position where such person has been safeman laddermade as safe as if he were working from scaffolding.

Training is regarded as one of the key controls in a safety system ensuring that personnel are trained to both assess the risk of working at heights through risk assessments but also the development, implementation and revision of Fall Protection Plans in line with various Construction Regulations.

This is NOT a training course - it is an awareness course to make think about safe working practices when working in elevated positions, and get them to understand the importance of using safety equipment correctly to avoid mishaps. It shows employers and employees how to take simple, practical measures to reduce the risks.


This is an Awareness Course, and at the end of the Learners shall:

  • Have a good knowledge and understanding oif the potential hazards and risks associated with working at height
  • be aware of the safety equipment available to workers at height, and the importance of using it correctly
  • be aware that the choice to work at height is each individual's alone, and employers must ensure adequate safety equipment and training to cover all contingencies
  • information can be used as a refresher course for previously trained personnel.

Target Audience

All personnel who are tasked to work at elevated heights, generally higher than 1 metre from the ground or closest firm surface.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this awareness module, Learners will:

  • have a knowledge and understanding of the hazards and risks associated with working at height
  • have a knowledge and understanding as to the correct use of Ladders, Scaffolding and Mobile Elevated Platforms
  • have a good understanding of the consequences of not following best practices, and of incorrectly or avoiding the use of safety equipment and measures

Scope & Requirements

Learners need access to the internet, an email address and ability to read, write and converse in English.

As this is not a training course, learners doing this module should be sent for proper certified training in the correct practices to follow and relevant safety equipment to use.


R 450 per person
$ 30 per person for international students
Group discounts available on request


All Material is subject to Copyright. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to those who complete the course.

Learners should also take the modules on Ladders and Stairways, Scaffolding Awareness, Mobile Lifting Platforms and Personal Fall Arrestors.

Duration: ± 3 hours
Course Code: OHS~08

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