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TW015 - Introduction to Welding

Duration: ± 3 half days | Course Code: TW015 | Cost From: R 900 ( $ 60.00)

The Practical Welding Course is the largest of its kind in the world, and consists of Theoretical and Practical aspects necessary to train welders up to a "coded welder" standard. It was designed, written and produced by Techtape - Technical Video Productions

The course starts with the basics, definitions, terms and other information a good welder needs to know – these are the Introduction Modules.

These Introduction Modules need to be completed prior moving on to any of the subsequent modules of the different welding processes.

The Modules on the different welding processes can be selectively chosen, but again certain other modules on Inspection and Testing need to be included in order to achieve International Standards.

The four different welding techniques are addressed, namely Manual Metal Arc (MMA) or Stick Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) in separate sections

All theory is tested on-line through Computer Based Training (CBT) tests. Additional practical work is required by the Trainee and Instructor to ensure the standards of workmanship are achieved and the course requirements are satisfied. Thus this course must be run in an established training facility or in a suitable location in the workshop.


The Introduction to Welding course component consists of 3 Modules:

                      1. What is Welding?
                        This is an overview of what the welding process entails so the learner is in no doubt about what the welding process involves. It is a key module to the full course.
                      2. Types of Weld Preparations
                        One of the main contributors to a good weld is an understanding by the welder as to the different weld joint preparation shapes and sizes. This is critical to ensure the integrity and soundness of the joint, especially in important components of any industry.
                      3. Safety In Welding
                        Safety is of course a key factor in welding. Eye damage, burns and fires are all well known aspects of handling and treating hot materials. The use of electricity and gas is of concern as well, and therefore good Safety Training for welders is essential

The above 3 modules are all presented with a short ± 10 minute video, course notes and a completion theory Quiz at the end of each module.

(When watching the video trailers, it is best to start the video and then immediately pause it, then wait a few minutes to allow streaming before starting play again.)


  • To provide a basic understanding of the welding process
  • To become familiar with the concepts of different joint configurations requiring different preparation
  • To think about Safety and follow the recommended Safety Practices to ensure no one gets hurt

Target Audience

Employees of large and small welding fabrication facilities, as well as individuals wishing to become expert welders.

Beneficial to supervisors and managers as well.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees are expected to achieve:-

  • a good knowledge of theory as well as to demonstrate competence in the workshop environment, showing the Instructor a good knowledge and understanding of the principles mentioned.
  • a good knowledge and understanding of the concept of welding as a method of joining metals
  • a good knowledge and understanding of basic preparation necessary to ensure weld joint integrity
  • a good knowledge and understanding of the hazards of welding and ensure following of basic Safety methods

Some learners will progress faster than others, but time must be taken at this early stage in the course to ensure the basics are thoroughly understood and practiced.

Speeding up any section will create problems later. Each module therefore should be covered separately one at a time rather than throwing it all together.

Scope & Requirements

Access to a welding workshop and equipment is essential.

Trainees need to be able to see the workshop layout, equipment and practically demonstrate some of the concepts mentioned in the video material.


Access to this course will cost R 900.00) ($ 60)  All material is subject to copyright

Practical work and assignments are not included and are for the arrangement and cost of the facility where the practical work is being carried out.


Cost Discounts are available for groups and/or for complete courses including the welding process selected, and/or for a combination of each.

Please contact us for more details to meet your requirements.


Duration: ± 3 half days
Course Code: TW015

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