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TW050 - Welding Inspection and Testing

Duration: ± 5 days | Course Code: TW050 | Cost From: R 1500 ( $ 100)

This course consists of 4 Modules to cover the activities usually completed after a welded fabrication, to ensure the integrity of the weld. Modules cover progressively

                              • Simple Welding Metallurgy
                              • Defects in Welds
                              • Visual Examination of Welds
                              • Non-destructive testing of Welds
                              • Destructive Testing of Welds

Depending on the company, the application and the industry, welders may or may not to be practically proficient in actually carrying out some of these actions, but all should have a good knowledge and understanding of the process their work will undergo.

In this manner, the welder will appreciate the necessity of following Best Practice principles on every welded joint.

The modules consist of 4 videos approx. 10 minutes duration, Course Notes and final Quiz on the theory at the end of each module. There may be no practical test at the discretion of the company/instructor.

(When watching the video trailers, it is best to start the video and then immediately pause it, then wait a few minutes to allow streaming before starting play again.

Learning Outcomes

Instructors need to allow discussion of this theory and have samples prepared for practical demonstrations and verify the welder’s ability to detect defects and correct them. The duration will vary depending on the instructor’s requirements.


Access to this course will cost R 1500 ($ 100)
All material is subject to copyright

Practical work and assignments are not included and are for the arrangement and cost of the facility where the practical work is being carried out.
Learners need access to metallurgical inspection and testing laboratories and equipment, preferably in a scientific establishment on in-house fabrication facility.


Welding Discounts are available for groups and/or for complete courses including the welding process selected, and for a combination of each. Alternatively, each module can be purchased separately for those undergoing Inspector and Quality Control Training as opposed to Welding.

Please contact us for more details to meet your requirements.

Duration: ± 5 days
Course Code: TW050

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