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Accredited Nature Site Guide Courses

Penny Ferry Training ( are now fully accredited to offer Nature Site Guide - Level 2 courses on-line.

These courses are fully compliant with the SAQA requirements and are available immediately from anywhere - we have already accredited our first batch of Learners as Tourist Guides at this level.

The courses are the minimum required to conduct a tour or experience with tourists in any area, and cater for Coastal and Marine locations or Inland locations, being area and usually also species specific. Thus it means that the Coastal and Marine courses are suitable for those conducting Whale Watching, Shark Cage diving, kayaking, canoeing, diving , coastal hiking and various other water excursions either along the coast or at sea.
The Inland courses are tailored to fit the local conditions and local species, both fauna and flora and are suitable for thse doing game viewing, sightseeing excursions, hiking, walking, biking and similar activities.

Completion of Level 2 courses is also just the start. Those keen or needing to progress further can later do a level 4 Course and higher courses to progress to Regional and National Tour Guide qualifications, and will receive full credit for the modules covered.

Advantages of e-learning Courses are many:

  1. Most important is that the learner does not have to travel to a learning centre to attend classes - this is usually more expensive than the courses themselves. With a computer, laptop or tablet (and even a smartphone, though not recommended), these courses can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection
  2. Equally important is that each Learner can do the courses as his/her own pace. There are no deadline pressures to complete a subject or assignment as there are in classroom situations, and the learner is in full control of his or her learning progress
  3. All on-line information results are confidential. Quizes are marked instantly by computer, so feedback is immediate. The course material can be accessed over and over again until the learner has grasped the concepts and has good knowledge and understanding. Assignments are marked on submission, and there are possibilities for multiple attempts to achieve competence.
  4. Employees still have the advantage of the presence of the employee at work, in between learning times - they can even use company equipment and facilities to do the courses on the premises for a few hours each day
  5. The learner needs to be motivated to achieve their certification. Many times employees are sent on course for which they are either not suited or have no motivation to complete, resulting in wasted resources. Thus the self-motivated ones can be selected and non-motivated learners can be quickly identified and swapped out with others if necessary, and by agreement, at the early start of the courses.

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How to start...

A short guide to starting one of our courses...

  • Select the course you are interested in from the list of courses
  • View the course to find out: Duration, Cost and Scope
  • Send an enquiry to find out how to register and start learning online.
  • Interested in more than one course? Make a note of the reference numbers of each and select the first course as above, and add the references of additional courses in the message block of the enquiry form. We do the rest.

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