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HBMSU highlights importance of smart learning at 11th eLearning Africa in Egypt

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) recently underscored the crucial role of smart learning in the contemporary world during the prestigious 11th eLearning Africa, the latest edition of the Africa’s largest key networking conference on technology-driven style of learning.

HBMSU joined the prestigious event as a partner, held in Cairo, Egypt in accordance with its mission of actively participating in relevant international forums to highlight how smart learning is significantly shaping the future of education.

Two high-level academic staff from HBMSU, Prof. Mustafa Hassan, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Tarek Abdel Fattah, Faculty Member (Assistant Professor), shared with international audience the university’s initiatives and milestones in its quest to promote the use of modern solutions as a means of transferring knowledge to technology savvy learners of today during their respective presentations.

Using HBMSU’s own success stories and experiences as an example, both Professors Hassan and Abdel Fattah were able to showcase how learning with an aid of advanced tools is in fact pushing learners to be more critical, creative, and innovative as opposed to traditional style of teaching. Prof Hassan’s presentation titled ‘Innovative Practices at HBMSU’ focused on the university’s unique learning approach of combining the benefits of face-to-face learning, online collaboration, and self-paced learning. He also chaired a session titled ‘Analytics and Data in Depth.’

Dr. Fattah, on the other hand, discussed the ever-evolving role of the faculty in modern-day learning in a lecture titled ‘The New Faculty Role in A Smart University: The Case of HBMSU.’

Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor, HBMSU, said: “Our recent participation in eLearning Africa clearly reflects our willingness to go beyond the borders of UAE in promoting smart learning and its benefits to the world. Over the past years, we have made great strides in this regard in the UAE and we are eager to share these success stories with our counterparts from across the world. By doing so, we hope to further increase the adoption of smart learning to help bring the global education system to the next phase of development. The recently concluded conference in Cairo provided us with an international venue to discuss our accomplishments, while also learning from our own peers and their experiences.”

“In the UAE, smart learning is an important component of our wise leaders’ initiatives to foster a culture of creativity and innovation in the country. It is also crucial especially in the UAE’s continuous transition towards a knowledge-driven economy through adoption of smart solutions and services across a wide range of sectors, including education. We are happy to be part of the conference and we look forward to supporting similar initiatives in the near future,” Dr. Al Awar, added.

Taking the eLearning paradigm steps further, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University has launched next-generation initiatives in its pursuit of lifelong learning to support the UAE’s and the rest of the Arab World’s overall development. The university’s ‘Smart Campus’ seamlessly incorporates a number of applications and systems to support the needs of students, professors, and administrative personnel, while the ‘Hamdan Bin Mohammed Social Smart Learning Initiative Cloud Campus’ was launched in 2013 in support of the Dubai Smart City Project.


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Image credit: Albawaba. Prof Mustafa Hassan.

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