The Importance of Training

Most Corporations and Businesses have to train their staff in order to keep competitive in a technologically changing and evolving marketplace. Employee satisfaction and competence comes partly through providing an ongoing stimulus of training and empowerment of the individual in the workplace. In addition, we no longer tolerate high incident and accident rates, so it is essential that our workforce is competent and learn to work safely and efficiently.

A great deal of the training process is building on the foundation of common sense and experience. Unfortunately, the global degradation of the primary education systems means that new entrants to the workplace, not only lack experience, but also lack some of the necessary basic life skills and concepts on which to build further development. Training, by necessity, is thus becoming more important, to ensure the workforce can carry out the work efficiently and competently to justify their increasing costs of employment.

Training using lecturers or trainers has become prohibitively expensive, and often not feasible. A lot of Awareness Training is sometimes necessary before conducting actual focused training, and the combination of achieving these means hours of time, effort and cost. E-learning will not solve it all, as the interaction with a subject matter expert (SME) is still required. However, e-learning training and awareness as offered by Comet.Training goes a very long way of uplifting basic knowledge and understanding of the learner, so that when face to face sessions with SME's can occur, it is more efficient and more effective.

Training and Awareness Courses offered here are cost effective and have no time limit - once registered, the learner can take as long as necessary to complete the course, repeat it over and over and do it in private without being embarassed about slow progress and/or inability to grasp concepts the first time. A Certificate of Completion is issued for most courses as evidence that the course was successfully completed.

Comet.Training is now an Accredited Training Provider for certain courses
{# 613/P/000285/2015}

"Give a man a fish and he feeds for the day. Teach him to fish and he feeds for a lifetime!"