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MH-03 - Common Infectious Diseases

Duration: ± 4 hours | Course Code: MH-03 | Cost From: R 250 ($15) per person

This short Course gives a brief overview of the more common Infectious Diseases found, particularly in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. It is by no means definitive and obviously some equally important diseases are left off.

It is not always possible to get to a clinic or doctor for various reasons, and therefore it is important to know about and understand some of the more common infectious diseases that occur within communities. Only by recognizing or having some idea of their symptoms can we understand what is happening and the significance of various ailments, can we perhaps be stimulated into getting assistance and medical care sooner rather than later.

Most diseases respond better to treatment when they are treated early in their manifestation, whereas if we leave it until much later, the consequences can be disasterous.

This Course is a short course aimed at creating an Awareness amongst community members of the type of common diseases they may encounter within the family and the community as a whole. It is not intended to replace the need for professional healthcare and consultation with experienced and trained medical workers.

Ideally this Course should be taken with the complimentary Course: Disease and Disease Management


The purpose of this training Module is to provide you with information, knowledge and understanding and eventual competence in completion of the related Unit Standards

Target Audience

All members of any community should take this course to give a basic knowledge and understanding of Diseases

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand what is meant by disease and the various causes of infectious disease
  2. Have a broad understanding of some of the more common infection diseases, their causes and recommended treatments
  3. Be able to give a reasonably good assessment of various symptoms of the various common diseases, and give recommendations as to how to prevent transmission
  4. Describe the actions to be taken when any disease has been identified in the family or community

Scope & Requirements

  1. Learners must be able to communicate (read and speak) without difficulty in the English language
  2. Learners must be willing and able to understand and recognize different situations where transmission of disease may occur
  3. Learners must be willing and able to openly discuss transmission of disease, especially sensitive issues such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (SDT’s)


R 250 per person
$ 15 per person for international students
Group discounts available on request


All Material is subject to Copyright. A Certificate of Completion will be sent to those who complete the course

NOTE: This module is an Awareness Course and is not intended to give you Medical Knowledge of Diseases and Disease Treatment.

Duration: ± 4 hours
Course Code: MH-03

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