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Coronavirus Protocol

The Covid-19 Protocol
(It is all about Control)


There is something that has been bothering me for several weeks now about the Coronavirus or Covid-19 that does not make sense, and finally the documentary aired on the BBC World last night rather crystalized it, and I am prompted to write down my theories.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but do believe that the world has been, and is being progressively more so, manipulated by those in power and with good reason.

The main reason is of course that as a species we are OUT OF CONTROL

  • We continue to abuse the environment without thought to the consequences
  • We continue to populate the planet despite evidence that we are already borrowing from future resources to sustain today’s population, and at some stage we will run out
  • We do less and less work, and look to the ‘government’ to provide, regardless of our productivity
  • We consume at a rate far beyond the means of most individuals, and yet over 50% of what we produce, we waste
  • Human rights movements are making more and more demands to allow more and more outlandish behaviour of the human species to appear normal – we now have several recognized genders, we are able to legally marry and co-habit with any of the multiple genders, we are not allowed to discipline children, not allow to express our opinions about others, racism is a band-wagon that everyone is now on, and over 100 years after it was officially abolished, slavery is still an excuse for bad behaviour.
  • Nations have become so integrated that national pride is almost non-existent, and this has been quickly followed by the extinction of any personal pride
  • The media are so powerful they think they actually determine government and public policies (and sadly, they now do), and fake news is just another way of stimulating public hysteria and stupidity.
  • There is no respect for those people we elect to lead us. We apathetically put up with silly school children telling our political leaders what idiots they are in not very nice language, who damn all big corporations, and yet they also revere their cell phones, computers, social media, and air-conditioners, and do not hesitate to use the facilities when they feel ill!
  • And finally of course, street riots and social unrest have become the norm. It is acceptable for the rabble to stand up and throw rocks, Molotov cocktails and other dangerous missiles at police, to wreck other people’s property and to generally make a nuisance of themselves because they have nothing, and so why should anybody else have something?
  • Parents are not allowed to discipline their children, the schools are not allowed to discipline children, and yet we complain that social mis-behaviour and crime is on the increase?
  • Children are not encouraged to do physical exercise, but to be a recluse is acceptable and to sit in the corner pulling wings off butterflies is also fine and not to be criticized. School uniforms are no longer a matter of pride, but of discrimination and racism. etc. etc. Parents have given up and now look to the ‘government’ to bring up, feed and even in some countries to wash, feed and look after their children. When they cannot “cope” with learning, the standards are simply adjusted downwards so no one fails! – great system!

I can go on and on in this vein, but you are probably wondering what is my point.

Well governments are in crisis as a result, and 2019 was a year of note:

  • Refugee and illegal migrant situation is way out of control
  • Riots in Bangkok
  • Riots in Hong Kong
  • Riots in Paris
  • Law courts tied up with cases of racial and petty misdemeanours and “injustices” and silly human rights issues, instead of concentrating on more important things
  • Hospitals gridlocked with too many patients requiring (and demanding ) care – many elderly who have the ‘right’ to be kept alive indefinitely at taxpayer’s expense, and fertility clinics helping those who cannot have children naturally, (despite the world being way overpopulated).
  • Fake news by the media has become acceptable – one no longer knows what is true or not true
  • BREXIT became a major circus that involved the world – pathetic really....
  • It is now OK to show lack of respect for our leaders – the media treat them like idiots, public call them names and criticise them, mock them and generally denigrate any effort to ensure progress

So what can governments do to sort out this mess that continues to get worse ?

There is only one way to control masses of people, and that is through FEAR. The ancient Greeks, Romans, many others recognized that the best way to control people is by making them terrified and then imposing rules to cope with it, and so gaining obedience. The herd instinct is still strong!

So the Coronavirus has come along (an opportune moment?), and the world governments have leaped upon it to strike fear into the world, and get them to behave. Unfortunately, most of the human population is STUPID and therefore will believe anything – all it needs is to be stated with conviction and followed up with massive media brainwashing, and viola! – We are now being controlled and manipulated. Rioting has stopped, petty social issues have taken a back seat, and the criticism of governments has slowed right down (I haven’t heard the word Brexit mentioned this last month!)

Best of all we accept it because we gave up the ability to think for ourselves. It is easier to watch the media, gather knowledge from Google, Facebook andYouTube than try to work it out for ourselves. We have lost the ability to think, debate, discuss, generate opinions and communicate. If it is not on a screen or a cell phone, it is of no consequence!

Most countries are now in LOCK-DOWN to various degrees – how did they manage that so easily? By FEAR and MASS BRAINWASHING.

Now today:

  • Very few are thinking about rioting
  • On-line shopping is suddenly convenient and the bleating about shops closing causing unemployment has died down
  • We now have a good excuse for the poor education of the next generation of kids
  • Travel is slowly coming to a standstill – helps with many environmental as well as social problems. Also will get rid of those irritating budget carriers!
  • Airports are again a pleasure to travel through (when last did you fumble through Dubai – awful!)
  • Migration has been stopped in its tracks – borders are again closed, free movement curtailed and no one is protesting about things like Trump’s Wall anymore.
  • Governments now have us where they want us – at home, keeping quiet and behaving! Nothing like self-interest and self-preservation to shut up the critics and hypocrites.
  • Elections have been cancelled or conveniently delayed
  • Cheap alternatives like UBER, AirB’nB and Package Deals will all go out the window given time. Maybe national carriers will dominate again, and rightly so.
  • New legislation and controls can now be introduced under Emergency Measures, and we will accept them without question.
  • Borders and migration can now be formally controlled again without upsetting anyone – you wanna go somewhere? Get a visa!

Coronavirus and the BBC Documentary – some questions:

  • The virus was first identified in Wuhan City, China in October/November last year, and by December 2019 they had identified 266 cases with about 20 deaths
  • The whistle-blower (who also was conveniently one of those who died) was the first to warn the world with indications it was a virus leaked (maybe deliberately) from a lab. Denied of course!
  • The city ( 11 million people) was then put into total lock-down on 23 January (22 days after they “realised” they had a new disease), and the Province of Hubei (50 million people) the same a day later on 24 January – wow!. Really? All spontaneous?
  • From there the FEAR was spread rapidly to Europe and the United States – in fact all the G7 countries. (It has become incidental that the other Asian, African and Indian countries were also infected, as these places are “riddled with disease” anyway.)
  • The result is that the entire world is now in lock-down. Even small countries have been persuaded to close their borders/ports to outsiders. And this was not planned?
  • When a country such as China can suddenly identify 266 cases of a “new type of influenza” in a population of 50 million, and then spontaneously shuts everyone down within 3 weeks, really stretches my credibility!
  • For the western economies to achieve virtual shut-down of the entire world 6 weeks later, smacks of months of pre-planning.
    • Where did all the latex gloves suddenly come from ? – some fast manufacturing must have been done!!
    • Where did all the test kits to test for the virus suddenly come from? Again, someone must have done some fast manufacturing!! …,,.,. and so it goes on.

There is no doubt that a new virus is rampant in the world, but does it justify the mass hysteria and fear and actions that have been taken? No. Why?

  • 10 million people globally got TB last year, and 1,5 million died – why did we not lock-down for this?
  • Malaria kills 3,000 children a day, causes 300 million illnesses each year with at least 1 million deaths - why do we not lock-down for this?
  • During the annual ‘flu season WHO estimates over 30 million Americans catch ‘flu each year, with about 30,000 deaths annually - why do we not lock-down for this each season?
  • Nearly 1,25 million die from road deaths each year globally, with an additional 20 – 50 million injured or disabled – why do we not ban driving?
  • Overweight and Obesity contribute to over 4 million deaths globally each year – why have we not put junk food out of bounds and enforced exercise?
  • Malnutrition is the biggest cause of death in the world – 45% of global child deaths are due to malnutrition, and in the USA (where one lives the dream!), more than 37 million people live on the breadline, of which 11 million of those are children – why do we not stop breeding if we can’t afford it?

Anyway, maybe I am just a cynical old bastard, but what has happened these last few weeks is unbelievable.

An invisible virus has got a population so scared they will not leave their houses, will isolate themselves and will accept anything the authorities wish to impose on them!

I think control is a good thing to counter what the world has degenerated into, as long as it is properly managed, and there's the rub.

The fact is that so far Coronavirus has infected about 140,000 people of a global population of around 7 billion, less than 5,000 have died and the world is TERRIFIED!!

Also, you can bet your ass somebody is making a lot of money out of it!

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